Create beautiful and fast maps for web and mobile applications with free downloadable vector tiles from OpenStreetMap. Design your own map, serve the vector tiles from your own infrastructure or use it completely offline.

Get Started

Create your own Map

Quickly get started designing your maps using Mapbox Studio and display your map using Mapbox GL JS.

Serve your own Tiles

You can host the vector tiles yourself and have complete control over your infrastructure, even behind a firewall. Or just use our public CDN for the vector tile serving.

Enable Offline Applications

The vector tiles of the entire worlds as well as extracts are downloadable and fit on a single USB stick or smartphone - enabling new possibilities for mobile and desktop developers.

Generate custom Vector Tiles

The OpenSource workflow for producing vector tiles from OpenStreetMap data is publicly available and documented. Everyone can adapt the workflow to create their own custom vector tiles.


Video introduction to vector tiles, the project and how to use provided vector tiles to create your own styles and maps.


Create stunning maps that don’t depend on any third party service and just use our downloadable vector tiles. Visit the Map Gallery for more examples.


We are map enthusiasts who want to make OpenStreetMap accessible for everyone again. Join us on GitHub, any feedback or improvement is greatly appreciated.

Manuel Roth

CS Student at HSR

Lukas Martinelli

CS Student at HSR

Prof. Stefan Keller

Professor for GIS at HSR

Project Partners

Do you need commercial support, help with rendering of your own vector tiles, parallelisation in a cluster or Amazon Cloud, tile hosting, or efficient rendering of imagery and raster geodata? Contact us.